Food for the Souls of Goddesses

at Castellare de’Sernigi

May 23-30, 2020 (Saturday to Saturday)

Please note: The spring trip is currently

but there is still availability for the fall trip:

September 19-26, 2020 (Saturday to Saturday)


Please schedule flights to arrive in Florence on the first day before 3 p.m.

Each morning we invite you to breakfast from 8-9:30 in the dining area of the Villa with the exception of the day we go into Florence. An appertivo will always be served by the pool at 7:00 followed by the Villa Dinner at 7:30 (all meals will be in the dining area when we are at Castellare de’Sernigi). (B.L.D.) indicates breakfast, lunch, or dinner included.

Giorno UnoCoagulatio  Saturday, May 23 or September 19:  Arrive in Florence

p.m.  Your time in Italy begins with your arrival in Florence. You will be met at your arrival gate by a staff member (pick up time is 3:00). You and your luggage will then be whisked to Castellare de’Sernigi, a small, intimate Villa located in the midst of the Chianti hills in the heart of Tuscany. The scenic drive from Florence takes 45 minutes. Once a country residence in the eighteenth century, the Villa was purchased at the end of the 1950s by the Corti Family who subsequently restored it to its past splendor. Castellare de’Sernigi has not only maintained its architectural style, but has also enhanced the natural harmony which bonds this structure to the Tuscan landscape. (For your convenience, we will have two drivers with two minibuses for the entire week. Also, one of the staff will be fluent in English and Italian.)

We will be greeted at your Italian home away from home with a flute of prosecco to celebrate your arrival. You will then be taken to your room to unpack, relax and breathe in the Tuscan air in your own private, comfortable room. Then, we invite you to enjoy a cocktail by the pool before the welcome dinner. Your first day embraces the process of coagulatio. Having landed in Italy, you become more solid on Tuscan soil, more earthy, more tuned into your body and its foundations. (D.)

Giorno DueSeparatio  Sunday, May 24 or September 20:  A day at the Villa

a.m.  Your second day will be spent at the Villa. There will be a sharing session led by Annamarie, exploring who we are and why we are here. What transitions are you currently experiencing or will experience? How can this week serve you in the very best way? In addition to meeting one another on a soul level, you will have a chance to meet Candice Criscione Raggi, a dear friend of Annamarie’s, who will be facilitating some of the Tuscan Retreat activities. (B.)

p.m.  Your Villa lunch will be at 12:30. The afternoon is free for you to roam about Castellare de’Sernigi—take a swim, a nap, journal, or get to know one another. Separatio continues to weave throughout your being. (L.D.)

Giorno Tre—Coagulatio  Monday, May 25 or September 21:  A day of cooking

a.m.  After breakfast you will have a couple of hours on your own at the Villa before we begin a cooking process of making panzanella followed by lunch. (B.L.)

p.m.  In the late afternoon, Candice will walk us through an olive grove, and then lead an oil tasting. This day embraces the process of coagulatio. Having been in Italy for a couple of days, you become more solid on Tuscan soil, earthier, more tuned in to your body and its foundations. Appertivo and dinner to follow. (D.)

Giorno Quattro—Sublimatio  Tuesday, May 26 or September 22:  A day in Florence and at the Ufizzi

a.m.  This morning breakfast at the Villa will be from 8:00 – 8:45. We will then depart for Florence for the day (45 minute transfer), south of the Arno River, and then walk (20 minutes) to Uffizi Gallery for a tour from 10:00 – 12:00 with a private guide. (B.)

Note:  Lunch today is not included in the price for the Tuscan retreat.

p.m.  After the Ufizzi, you are on your own for lunch and can choose to visit the Accademia Gallery or have free time to shop and explore Florence and what she has to offer your heart, mind, soul, and body. We complete our day dining at Il Profeta in Florence at 7:30. The fourth day, filled with the process of sublimatio, is a day of the electricity of Florence and the gifts she offers—rich in history, art, beauty and, of course, food. After dinner we will walk to meet the bus and transfer back to the villa. (D.)

Giorno Cinque—Calcinatio  Wednesday, May 27 or September 23:  A day of exploration and cooking

a.m.  After breakfast you have a day to enjoy the Villa or perhaps take a taxi into Florence for one more shopping experience or stroll around the area. Candice will prepare a Tuscan picnic lunch for today. (B.L.)

Note:  The cost of the taxi to and from Florence is not included in the price for the Tuscan retreat.

p.m.  For dinner, beginning at 6:00, Annamarie will lead you through the process of making risotto—an alchemical process in its own! This is not a cooking class, but rather an experience of focusing on the love, art, and soul of cooking . . . Why do we cook? Why do we love to dine and share meals with others? Why do some of us love to entertain? We will cook together and share our dinner in an evening of cooking. Out fifth day together explores of the process of calcinatio . . . a day of fire! This process creates purity, where we understand the purest form of food and cooking. For some, cooking is therapeutic, for others it is giving. Perhaps we are expressing ourselves through our cooking . . . buon appetito! (D.)

Giorno Sei—Solutio and Mortifactio  Thursday, May 28 or September 24:  A day of dream weaving/tending, picnicking Tuscan style, and wine tasting

a.m.  After breakfast Annamarie will facilitate a dream weaving and goddess tending session at the Villa in one of the meeting areas. According to Carl Jung, “The dream is the little window to the soul.” Dream weaving/tending gives us a way to listen to dreams and allows the images that come in dreams to speak for themselves. This approach to dreams is like a conversation with a good friend. We neither judge nor analyze, but rather listen and learn from each “conversation.” (B.)

p.m.  Lunch at the villa follows our dream session. Then, you will have the afternoon free and at 6:00 pm there will be wine tasting with a female vintner followed by dinner. You won’t get too hungry before dinner as a platter of meats, cheeses, and Tuscan breads will tease your stomach and enhance the wine. Through the experience of the sixth day—beginning with dream weaving and ending with a selection of Tuscan wine and succulent Italian food—you will be swimming in the process of solutio. (L.D.)

When you unite higher spiritual powers through dream weaving and tending with your personal experiences, you may dissolve patterns and attitudes which have become fixed . . . allowing them to die. This alchemical process of mortificatio will perhaps lead you to the feeling of the ground beneath your feet being washed away into something wonderful. As you are washed in solution—water in the form of tears of joy or perhaps grief—a nice hot shower or a swim in the pool brings closure to yet another magical day.

You may find yourself contemplative, perhaps remembering images or symbols from your dreams. Most of us seldom recall the beauty in the darkness of mortificatio, the death and darkness of our life process, yet it is a necessary time for each of us. Not negative, but rather quiet, reflective, and soul-filled, enabling change and rededication.

Giorno Sette—Conunctio  Friday, May 29 or September 25:  A Goddess’s day off

a.m.  The last day of our goddess journey has arrived. What could be better for a goddess than a day off?! We invite you to lounge by the pool, take a stroll, a long nap, or perhaps your soul needs to be in Florence just one more time. (B.L.)

Note:  The cost of the taxi to and from Florence is not included in the price for the Tuscan retreat and lunch is on your own if you venture into Florence.

Whatever you do, you’ll want to return by 6:30 in preparation for our Gala Dinner Party at 7:30. You may want to bring a dressy outfit for this final event of the week—a dinner party to be remembered. Following dinner, we will have a candle ritual followed by one last gift of the week. A surprise! This day will be beautifully wrapped in coniunctio . . . the gold, the ultimate. A week of experiences, dreams, laughter, tears, hugs, discoveries, dinners, dinners, more dinners, and now a grand celebration feast.

Perhaps at the start of your trip you were tired, feeling like lead (in alchemical terms), but tonight you are rejuvenated, glowing, feeling like gold. A transformation, an experience that will be with you for months, maybe years. (D.)

Giorno Otto—Ciao!  Saturday, May 30 or September 26:  A day of goodbyes and returning home

a.m. After breakfast, you will check out from 8:30 – 9:30. Make sure your bags are right outside your room to be collected and delivered to the minibus. Your journey will take you to Florence, where you, your gifts, and your treasures of heart, mind, body, and soul can be gathered together in wholeness as you prepare for your departure to the U.S. (B.)

Note: Because there currently are no flights out of Florence after 10:00 am, we will have two shuttles to the airport—one for those who are leaving early and one for those who are staying another night in Florence.

Allora . . . well then . . . it’s time to move on……with purpose. Ciao bellas!


© A. Fidel-Rice 2019