Food for the Souls of Goddesses: A Tuscan Retreat

at Castellare de’Sernigi

May 23-30, 2020 (Saturday to Saturday)

Please note: The spring trip is currently

but there is still room available for the fall trip:

September 19-26, 2020 (Saturday to Saturday)

Food for the Souls of Goddesses is an alchemical journey of the feminine for women in transition. The Tuscan retreat offers a week of experiencing the goddess within using the seven processes of alchemy. In medieval times, alchemists used these processes to transform lead into gold. The seven processes of alchemy will feed you on the spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual levels.

As you embark on this journey, you naturally encounter the first process of alchemy, separatio—separation. Separating from your loved ones, friends, pets, jobs, carpools, grocery shopping . . . the list endlessly details the many tasks and responsibilities of modern day goddesses. Because you do such an excellent job as a 21st century goddess, a goddess-tending week has been designed just for you.

Eight days/ Seven nights: The Tuscan retreat is designed to accommodate 10 women. To inquire about joining either the May or September 2020 journey, please see the “Fees and Registration” page.

Please arrange your international flight to arrive in Florence, Italy before 3pm on Saturday, May 23 or before 3pm on Saturday, September 19.


Celebration of the Sacred Feminine: A Magical Journey to Peru 

with Dr. Annamarie Fidel-Rice

October 11-22, 2019 

Annamarie Fidel-Rice invites you on a journey of serenity to the ancient and mysterious land of Peru… Step out of yourself and enter the cradle of unique culture and spiritual traditions of the Quechua—the indigenous people and their culture of rituals, symbols, beliefs, and ways of life. Participate in authentic rituals, healing ceremonies, and guided holistic journeys.

Annamarie says this about a Magical Journey: “When speaking to anyone about this women’s spiritual retreat, I am always at a loss of words to describe ‘what happens’ in Peru. There are no words to describe the sacredness of every single day we find ourselves in the arms of Pachamama, the Quechua name for earth, and the transformations within our hearts and souls that begin from day one of the journey. Day one is so wonderful; day two is more wonderful than day one; day three more wonderful than one and two, and so on. I would have to say that this retreat is designed, as well, for women in transition. Your life will change as a result.”

Ten days/ Nine nights: The retreat is designed to accommodate 10-15 women. To inquire about joining our 2019 journey, please see the “Fees and Registration” page.

The trip will depart on Friday, October 11, 2019 and return to the U.S. via an overnight flight on Tuesday, October 22, 2019.


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